Ready For The Open: Workout 16.2 Injury Prevention

In this Hangout, we will review how to properly warmup for 16.2 and the proper movements to complete 16.2 injury-free. This workout is cardio-focused – your heart rate will be elevated after Toes-to-Bar and Double-Unders, but it is important to conserve energy for your Squat Cleans.

Toes-to-Bar: Strength and Flexibility

– Midline stability is key to doing this exercise

– Note: Pulling your hamstring is the biggest injury to watch out for in this exercise. Supermans, planks and other exercises to that help lengthen your hamstring will him avoid this injury.

Double-Unders: Technique

– Keep elbows close in and  shoulders relaxed

Squat Cleans: Strength

– Jonathan demonstrates 3 exercises to activate your hips

More details on 16.2 Workout here:

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