What’s Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the ability to help those who are currently not moving well or efficiently.  Often times we see patients after an injury or surgery, however scientific studies are showing more that preventative physical therapy can be very effective for injury prevention. Our physical therapists are biomechanists, much like a human mechanic, and their goal is to help you fine-tune your functional problem areas so that you may return to pain-free activity as safely and effectively as possible. Far too often I have heard from patients that their belief in physical therapy was tainted from previous experiences consisting of short examinations, limited hands-on experiences, poor education, limited clinical reasoning, and non-specific exercise prescriptions. I have heard too many stories about therapists who haven’t listened to the patient’s needs or goals, or who only spend 15 minutes with their patients before passing them off to an assistant or aide.  Many times these patients get passed around and don’t have a clear understanding of the exercises or new movement patterns. This is not only embarrassing to hear but this is not what our profession represents.  Physical therapy requires a proper evaluation in order to determine effective functional progress on follow up visits.  At Therapydia, you are the focus. We don’t believe in “churn and burn”. With us, you’ll receive one-on-one, undivided attention with a physical therapist. Discover physical therapy with Therapydia Portland.

Recover with Therapydia Portland Physical Therapy


Our work together starts off with an initial evaluation where our physical therapist gathers information from you about your current needs and conducts a functional assessment which may include the use of high speed video analysis to get objective data around your range and motion. Your physical therapist will work with you to create a custom-fitted program based on your needs and lifestyle. We believe in educating our patients throughout their entire treatment to ensure they have a clear understanding of the diagnosis to make doing exercises at-home easier. At the end of every visit, we want you to walk out feeling better. Our programs are built off of patient feedback and progress – our programs will evolve with you. Your physical therapy treatment may include manual techniques, movement-based therapies or a combination of different methods including The Graston Technique®, an evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) that enables our physical therapists to effectively assess and treat restrictions of scar tissue, muscle, and fascia that contribute to dysfunctional movement of the kinetic chain.

We Fit Your Lifestyle

We recognize that being able to meet face-to-face is not always an option. That is why we offer video conferencing for initial consultations and follow up appointments for those unable to visit our Portland physical therapy clinic. This enables you to access great care anytime, anywhere. Please contact us for further information regarding our video conferencing options.

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