Astym: Manual Therapy Technique

ASTYM Manual Therapy Technique

Therapydia is pleased to announce that Tannasbourne Physical Therapist, Kimberly P. Mineo, PT, DPT, OCS has completed the Astym certification. Astym is an evidence-based rehab program specifically designed to treat degenerative tendinitis and scar tissue that can interfere with recovery after surgery or injury.

Manual therapy is a hands on technique often used by physical therapists to treat joints and soft tissues of the body. Manual therapy allows for an increased range of motion of the joints, mobilization of both the soft tissue and joints, and reduces swelling and inflammation among other benefits. 

There are multiple different types of manual therapy techniques that a physical therapist will utilize during treatment of their patients. One of these techniques is Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization or Astym.

What Is Astym?

The Astym System uses specialized tools to stimulate the body to regenerate and promote healing which in turn decreases symptoms, including pain, and enhances mobility to keep patients active throughout their recovery. 

Astym therapy has proven itself effective in the treatment of lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylosis (golfer’s elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, chronic ankle sprains, shin splints and post-op joint replacements, to name a few.

How Does Astym Work?
Your physical therapist will use the Astym tools to glide over your muscles and tendons to stimulate a healing response and mobilize tissue below the skin. The Astym treatment is unique in that the entire extremity or gross movement area is treated versus solely the injured or painful area. After treatment, you will be given specific stretches and possibly other exercises to promote healthy movement.

A word from Kimberly Mineo, DPT:

“Astym has become an integral part of my practice. The time is takes to treat certain injuries, especially ones that are chronic in nature, has improved significantly. An aspect of Astym which I appreciate as a physical therapist, is that activity is encouraged after treatment. Sometimes movement can be less painful immediately afterwards.”

If you have any questions about the Astym physical therapy system or would like to know if Astym may be a good treatment option for you, please contact Therapydia Tanasbourne at 503-606-8849 or email

Physician referral may or may not be required depending on your insurance.

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