Physical therapists are trained to study movement and break down limitations in joint angles and force production. As physical therapists we are true movement scientists incorporating the knowledge of biomechanics, objective measurements of motion, and motor control performance to make more effective clinical interventions designed for each of our patients allowing for better long-term outcomes.

One of the most studied movements in physical therapy is gait, also known as walking. A highly trained physical therapist is able to break down the major joints in the body in all three planes and be able to differentially diagnose when someone has a functional weakness or compensation.

Studies have shown that the human eye can capture 30 frames per second of movement and for motion analysis including gait and functional activities such as stairs and squats 30 frames per second is more than enough. However, when movement analysis is required for activities with increased speed such as running, or change of direction activities including sports or plyometrics it becomes much more difficult to be objective in differential diagnoses.

Based on all of this we believe that in order to make a clinically efficient assessment high speed video analysis must be used in order to determine objective limitations in strength, ROM and motor control.

At Therapydia Portland we use high-speed video analysis to determine limitations in joint angles during movements including running, jumping, cutting and change of direction. We couple this information with clinical assessments of joint mobility, tissue strength and preferred movement patterns in order to make proper clinical changes and efficient return to pain free sport activity.

By addressing motor control dysfunction we believe we enhance physical performance while also preventing injury for the future.

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